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Our Price: £25,750.00 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £16,000.00 Inc VAT
Savings: £9,750.00



Sold in one lot of 26,814 pcs.

From Caseflex the premier name in design, quality and value. Exquisitely well designed and made.

When it comes to light and comprehensive protection, there's no finer choice than the Caseflex Neoprene Pouches.

Suitable for lots of devices. Full list see below.

Individually packed in see through retail bag with bar code etc on the reverse. Perfect for mail order.

Our price for 26,814 Caseflex pieces is £25,750

reduced to £16,000

(this includes vat and free UK delivery)

thats less than 60p each!!!

discount for collection

if you have an interest in smaller or
individual lots please contact us

Item No Description Total Qty
AP-GA02-Z439 Caseflex-Ipad And Air Size Floral Bee 721
AP-GA02-Z440 Caseflex-Ipad And Air Size Jellyfish 489
AP-GA02-Z441 Caseflex-Ipad And Air Size Butterfly 302
CA-NEOP-Z024 Caseflex-Neoprene-Small Tab Pouch White 1955
CA-NEOP-Z025 Caseflex-Neoprene-Small Tab Pouch Hot Pink 1658
CA-NEOP-Z026 Caseflex-Neoprene-Small Tab Pouch Baby Pink 1374
CA-NEOP-Z027 Caseflex-Neoprene-Small Tab Pouch Purple 1806
CA-NEOP-Z028 Caseflex-Neoprene-Small Tab Pouch Red 1671
CA-NEOP-Z029 Caseflex-Neoprene-Small Tab Pouch Blue 1533
CA-NEOP-Z030 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch White 1894
CA-NEOP-Z031 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch Hot Pink 1894
CA-NEOP-Z023 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch Black 202
CA-NEOP-Z032 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch Baby Pink 1945
CA-NEOP-Z033 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch Purple 1747
CA-NEOP-Z034 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch Red 1874
CA-NEOP-Z035 Caseflex-Neoprene-Medium Tab Pouch Blue 1677
CA-NEOP-Z036 Caseflex-Neoprene-7in Tablet Pouch - Floral Bee 675
CF-AZ01-Z008 Caseflex-Quilted-7in Tablet Pouch Black 25
CA-NEOP-Z037 Caseflex-Neoprene-7in Tablet Pouch - Jellyfish 637
CF-AZ01-Z004 Caseflex-Brick-7in Tablet Pouch Blue 464
CA-NEOP-Z038 Caseflex-Neoprene-7in Tablet Pouch - Butterfly 738
CA-NEOP-Z039 Caseflex-Neoprene-10in Tablet Pouch - Floral Bee 296
CA-NEOP-Z040 Caseflex-Neoprene-10in Tablet Pouch - Jellyfish 561
CA-NEOP-Z041 Caseflex-Neoprene-10in Tablet Pouch - Butterfly 266
CF-AZ01-Z002 Caseflex-Brick-10in Tablet Pouch Blue 410