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Eaglemoss Chess Set 2 DC Comics
Eaglemoss Chess Set 2 DC Comics

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Our Price: £4,000.00 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £3,000.00 Inc VAT
Savings: £1,000.00



Sold in one lot of 18 Sets.

Extremely rare complete chess sets from Eaglemoss. A must have for all collectors. This is the Set 2 produced in very limited numbers. The set includes all 32 pieces with the iconic board (see below for the complete list).

All pieces and board are packed in factory packaging and in turn the complete set is packed box in box.

Delivery will be on 2 pallets . Feel free to visit us to see the set out of the box and on full display. You'll be impressed!!!

Our price for 18 Eaglemoss Complete DC Comics Chess Sets is £4,000

reduced to £3,000

(this includes vat and free UK delivery)

discount for collection

serious interest in smaller quantities welcome

Chess Set 2
Character Side Chess Piece Character Side Chess Piece
Atrocitus Black Bishop Acquaman White Rook
Bizarro Black Pawn Batman White Knight
Brainiac Black Pawn Booster Gold White Pawn
Captian Cold Black Pawn Cyborg White Rook
Cheetah Black Queen Firestorm White Pawn
Darkseid Black Rook Green Lantern White Bishop
Deadshot Black Pawn GreenArrow White Pawn
Deathstroke Black Pawn Hawkman White Pawn
Doomsday Black Rook Martian Manhunter White Knight
Killer Frost Black Pawn Power Girl White Pawn
Lex Luthor Black King Shazam White Pawn
Manta Ray Black Pawn Supergirl White Pawn
Ocean Master Black Pawn Superman White King
Reverse Flash Black Bishop The Flash White Bishop
The Joker Black Knight Wonder Woman White Queen
Zod Black Knight Zatanna White Pawn