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Anylock Bag Sealers

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Our Price: £10,440.00 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £9,000.00 Inc VAT
Savings: £1,440.00



Sold in one lot of 30,700 Packets.

Comprising of

10,530 Small 4 rods in a packet 130mm (5.12")

10,445 Medium 3 rods in a packet 185mm (7.28")

9,725 Large 3 rods in a packet 225mm (8.86")

The BEST solution ever for food storage and keeping your food fresher for longer. AnyLock bag sealers produce an airtight and waterproof seal which keeps all your food fresher for longer and odour-free, whilst also reducing food wastage, eliminating spills, and saving space in your cupboards and freezer. A MUST HAVE for any kitchen, caravan, or camping and traveling trip.

The most used in the USA.

Patented AnyLock is an innovative system for the closure of bags that allows you to seal the freshness while maintaining the quality of food, which will remain intact and crisp, up to 5 times longer.

AnyLock prevents air and water penetrating inside, eliminating the main agent for decomposing of food. They can also be used for the storage of: detergents, seeds and terricci, pellets for the stove, coal for the barbecue, envelopes, spices, powders, liquids, and any object which you want to prevent contact with the air.

AnyLock rods are tough, hard to break and reusable. They are even washable in the dishwasher as there are no zip or stickers that may come loose. Simply slide the rod on the bag to keep your food fresh and protected from taints, odours, pantry moths and weevils. Fold above the contents and slide the sealing rod along the bag to create the perfect seal time after time.

AnyLock rods are brilliant for re-sealing opened packets such as crisps, rice, nuts, coffee and all your frozen veggies. Unlike other food storage products, AnyLock bag sealers take up virtually no space when not in use.

The unique colourful design allows you to maintain the larder tidy and clean, and also store them in a limited space such as the fridge, the freezer or the smallest of shelves in your kitchen.

Packed in fantastic colourful eyecatching packaging. 00 cases per pack.

Stacked on 7 pallets.

Ideal for mail order promotions, internet sellers, shows etc.

Check out the youtube video below.

Our price for 30,700 Packets of Anylock Bag Sealers is £10,440

reduced to £9,000

(this includes vat and free UK delivery)

that's less than 30p per packet!!!!

discount for collection

serious interest in smaller lots welcome

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